Can a computer be child-friendly?
Magic Desktop creates a safe environment, provides children with educational content and delivers tons of fun while they are mastering a computer.
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Magic Desktop is a safe sandbox.
Magic Desktop hides and locks parental Windows creating a protective environment that has been designed exclusively for children.
It's safe, educational and fun!
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Learn through play.
Ge Academy is an educational suite of Magic Desktop. Children spend hundreds of hours in different exercises learning colors, numbers, shapes, logic, mathematics, geography, languages and much more.
A fantastic head-start for young minds!
Lots of apps and activities to develop important skills.
Magic Desktop helps to master many essential skills that kids can use in their future life.
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Encourage and reward learning!
With a "No Homework – No Play!" focus, technology becomes your new best friend.
  • encourage kids to learn
  • set your own rules
  • reward accomplishments
It is extensible!
Bring all your kid's favorite Windows programs and games to Magic Desktop.
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You are in charge!
Magic Desktop gives you complete control over what your children can do on your computer. Children can't access your files, inappropriate web content or exit to Windows. You use a master password to control Magic Desktop.
Getting it work does not require any
technical skills.
Magic Desktop
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