Learn through play
Magic Desktop creates a safe and stimulating environment where kids can improve their computer literacy at their own pace. Child-friendly design works perfectly with tiny hands, while our complete collection of programs keep young minds excited and engaged.
Learning games for kids
The safest browser
My First Browser is the safest kid’s Internet browser in existence! Hand-select your favorite kid-friendly websites and allow navigation on parent-approved sites only.
Internet for kids
Parental Control
Control not only which programs your child may access but also when and how kids access approved programs. With a "No Homework-No Play!" focus, technology becomes your new best friend.
Parental control
Delight and Entertain
Magic Desktop comes complete with a sensational collection of kid-friendly games, photo and drawing tools, and Web content – with new updates every month!
Educational activities
Computer Protection
Magic Desktop safeguards important system settings and data files from accidental interference. So your PC stays in peak working condition.
Computer protection
90 million
have been sold worldwide
with Magic Desktop preloaded.
Get Magic Desktop
and give your child
a valuable head start!
Why Magic Desktop?
Games for children
Kids love it!
Children have fun while learning with an assortment of popular activities and applications. Millions of young Magic Desktop daily users can’t be wrong.
Parents love the peace-of-mind Magic Desktop provides, with no more worrying about mishaps or deleted files on the family PC.
The Safest Web
Protect young, innocent eyes with parent-managed Web browsing. Magic Desktop offers fresh updates of child-friendly content every month.
Early Learning
Give your child a head start by teaching them how computers work and encouraging exploration. Magic Desktop is suitable for kids as young as toddlers.
Unleash Creativity
Provide a multitude of creation tools that help children express their creativity and share their creations with supportive friends and family.
Family Fun
Magic Desktop provides endless hours of fun – for one or all. Gather the whole family around for adventures, laughs, and excitement.
Join our active community of parents who use Magic Desktop. Share your ideas, provide and receive support, and offer valuable feedback. Sign-up today!
Parent Community
Partner with us!
Share the magic! Software resellers, website owners, ISPs, OEMs and individuals looking to sell Magic Desktop may participate in a program ideal for their needs. Learn about our range of affiliate and partner programs, today.
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Software resellers
Software resellers with their own online store can begin earning revenue through Magic Desktop sales to their existing customers.
Website owners
Webmasters serving our target audience should contact us to launch the right resale program for their needs.
Internet Service Providers that would like to offer customers a safe, family-oriented solution can do what so many ISP’s around the globe already do – resell Magic Desktop.
Original Equipment Manufacturers that produce computers targeting our consumer market are invited to partner with us to preload Magic Desktop.
Magic Desktop fans
If you love Magic Desktop and want to share that love with others, start earning by selling our sought-after technology solution!
Kompatibilis a Windows 10!
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