Magic Desktop provides
STREAM-aligned education
Reading titles, interactive games, educational videos + developmental entertainment
Safe Internet
Over 70,000 items in the content library
Age-targeted user sessions
Child-friendly environment
We equip librarians with valuable tools to support children's interests and education.
At a Glance
in numbers


combined man-hours of highly gifted programmers, designers, scientists, and educators


years of experience in child-friendly computer environments


installations, trusted by parents and educators


countries where children enjoy Magic Desktop




educational activities, games, and videos
Magic Desktop is a Global Phenomenon That Continues to Grow.
Key features
Magic Desktop is a platform that turns a regular Windows computer into a safe and educational playground for children ages 3 to 12.
Protects children
  • Safe Internet
  • Content offering based on age and language preferences
Protects computer
  • Prevents access to system
    (important Windows files, settings, etc.)
  • Blocks ways to get viruses from the Internet
Encourages to learn
  • Large library of educational content
  • "Learn through playing" formula
Gives library admins full control over
  • Available content
  • Screen time and schedule
Whether it's a brand new or 10-year old PC, Magic Desktop turns it into a safe edutainment station for library kids. Pure magic!
Benefits for Libraries
When you install Magic Desktop, your library MAGIC computers will:

Increase engagement and learning opportunities for young library visitors

Access a large library of educational and developmental content that captivates children's interest and inspires learning.

Deliver appropriate content

Ensure that websites, applications, videos, and games available in Magic Desktop align with your library's mission and values, develops curiosity and inspires learning.

Help libraries cater to the diverse learning needs of their patrons

Support the library's role as a community learning hub by providing a tool that accommodates various learning styles and abilities.

Allow simple integration with existing systems

Seamlessly integrate Magic Desktop with your library management systems, network infrastructure, or reboot to restore solutions. Leverage our experience working with other libraries to ensure smooth implementation and operation.

Provide a safe and controlled digital environment

Protect children using Magic Desktop computers in the library from inappropriate content and online predators.

Ensure ease of use

Provide user interface and experience designed for children by professionals.

Become a cost-effective and durable solution

Utilize existing, donated, or refurbished computers of your choice with Magic Desktop, making it a cost-effective alternative allowing you to save up to 10x without compromising functionality.

Provide necessary reporting

Receive monthly statistics on Magic Desktop sessions and usage duration, allowing you to report the effectiveness of the solution to the board.
Require minimal administrative effort
Get live reporting on the number and duration of user sessions.
Since 2016 Magic Desktop Public Library edition has been used by hundreds of organizations!
Over 90% of our library customers stay with us for many years.
JOIN THEM! Try Magic Desktop in your library today!
Install it on any Windows PC in less than 4 minutes!